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Yes, yes, yes. We all know The Dark Knight Rises was his final salute to the franchise but is Christopher Nolan making a mistake?

Here are a few reasons on why he should return:

1. What happens next? The Dark Knight Rises ended on a partial cliffhanger which questioned the legacy of Batman. With Bruce Wayne surviving the 5 second countdown of the nuclear bomb and John "Robin" Blake becoming the successor to the legend, I think we all want to know what happens next! The story can continue with Blake becoming Nightwing as new villains begin to emerge such as Mr Freeze, The Joker, Riddler and Killer Croc. Some food for thought.

2. Christopher Nolan's Batman Franchise has become the savior of Batman movies and even the DC Universe itself. Without Christopher Nolan, we don't want to see another Batman and Robin mishap. Christopher Nolan has done a superb job so at the moment, I cannot see anyone else filling those shoes. Can you?

Here are a few reasons on why he should not return:

1. The upcoming Batman vs Superman film that the internet cannot stop talking about is pretty much another reboot to the Batman Universe as Snyder himself said it would not connect to Nolan's franchise. In my opinion, a very bad move but due to the story, I can see why he decided to go with that.

2. Batfleck. Someone had to say it, right? With Ben Affleck taking up the cape and cowl, a whole new story featuring a new Batman will be shown in stand alone movies. This again opens up new villains and new sidekicks which Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale did not want to do.

3. Legacy. Finishing with a highly fantastic trilogy is the best way to leave the franchise. After all, Christopher Nolan has other projects in which we will enjoy in years to come. Projects like Interstellar, in which I cannot wait to see. Heck even the trailer for it is something I am excited for!

So there you have it folks. Do you agree? Should Christopher Nolan return to the Batman franchise at least one more time in his high rolling career?
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