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… Korine’s latest movie!

I’ve just watched Spring Breakers (2013) for the second time because the first time I was so overwhelmed by the neon colors, tiny bikinis, the hard beats of the music, the cut and the story, that I couldn’t grasp every detail.

But today I was totally fascinated by ex-Disney actress Candy (Vanessa Hudgens) and Brit’s (Ashley Benson) performance, when they were licking and sucking the red, white, and blue popsicle.

Picture Source: The Blemish
Picture Source: The Blemish

I figured out that they used the legendary blue raspberry, white lime and red cherry Original Bomb Pops Jr. by Blue Bunny - a brand that has partnered with Disney many times in the past to create a neat, child friendly image.
Furthermore, Disney is Vanessa Hudgens' former employer who made her famous. And in order to make it even more controversial, Candy and Brit are imitating the act of fellatio, while eating the popsicle - a bold flout against the iconic US brands and Vanessa, an ex-protégé.

Is it just a coincidence, or did director Harmony Korine intend it as a side punch against Vanessa’s old mentor to help her leave her clean and innocent Disney image far behind? 
I’m just picking up on the details, and only they know for sure.

Picture Source: Lionsgate

Picture Source: The Blemish

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