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I know before I start, I'm a little late on doing this list so bare with me okay. 2014 is probably going to be a great year for movies with films like X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Godzilla, and Mokingjay part 1 coming out this year. Anyway here are my top ten films I am looking forward to this year.

10. Godzilla

Anyone remember the 1998 universally panned Ronald Emmrich film? Well they are going to do it again with a kind of Pacific Rim feel to it .


staring Russell Crow (Superman's real daddy). This biblical film looks darker.

8.Guardians of the Galaxy

I'm going to make this one short too. Vin Diesel as a tree and Bradley Cooper as a raccoon.

7. Captain America: The winter soldier

I just saw the new trailer before I went to a movie and I want to go see this highly anticipated film that looks better than my least favorite Marvel movie (Captain America the first avenger).

6. Pompeii

Paul WS. Anderson sucks at directing movies- he ruined two of my favorite movies (alien and predator). And the latest Resident Evil sucked, but this looks good I guess.

5. Need for Speed

Based on the best selling video games, I think that this might actually be the best video game adaptation ever.

4. The Hunger Games: MokingJay part 1

I loved the first two books/movies and now I cant wait to see this great money making first to last film in the Hunger Games trilogy

3. 22 Jump street

I hated the first film, I thought it was totally overrated, but this looks funny as HELL.

2. RoboCop

I loved the original film and I cant wait to see what the black suit looks like on screen for 2hrs of my time.

And the number one film is:

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The sequel to the 2012 reboot of the Sam Rami series finally gets released and i cant wait to see it

So what do you want to see this year? Comment below and let me know.


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