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She might play kitana-wielding badass Michonne on The Walking Dead, but Danai Gurira is much more than just a zombie-slaying warrior.

The actress was born in Iowa but moved to Zimbabwe when she was five and it was this childhood growing up in Africa that continues to shape her outlook on life.

While living in Zimbabwe Gurira became aware of the marginalization of women in society, so decided to get involved in the dramatic arts to help spread the message of equality and respect.

She wrote a play, called The Convert, which was performed last week in a school in Harare and Guirira was moved when a young girl told her how much the play had spoken to her and her plight, revealing:

That really touched me because I'm always about the idea of seeing a girl being up front and center on the stage. You see her strength and her determination. And her life force on display is not something Zimbabwean girls see every day.

Theater and creative arts were used fight against apartheid in South Africa so it's nice to see Gurira continue this tradition and try and help people who are in need of help.

Female fans also find inspiration from Michonne, her kickass character on The Walking Dead:

A lot of girls approach me and say 'you make me feel strong.' I get that a lot from girls. Women of all ages actually.

It seems that Gurira is even more inspirational than her on-screen character.

(Source: ABC News)


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