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The Walking Dead is not only the most popular show on TV but the toy line for the zompocalypse drama is also flying off the shelves faster than a walker devours human eyeballs.

So who's the most popular action figure in the range? Well that would be the crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon. Here's Todd McFarlane, founder of McFarlane Toys, on the character's enduring popularity and why Norman Reedus is the most awesome person in the world:

...Daryl Dixon, you know Norman [Reedus], he’s got a huge following, and he’s a big advocate. He’s actually come in our office and allowed us to scan him, because he lives out in the New York area. And he’s gone, “Hey, if you ever need me up there, I’ll come up there.” So the latest one we had, the ten inch figure of Daryl was based upon a scan. Norman had come in and given us his time, so that we could get it as accurate as possible.

Norman Reedus has again proved what a great guy he is by getting a scan of himself. Is there no end to his awesomeness?

McFarlane also revealed that they've got an extra-special TWD toy line coming out and we should get very excited:

It will be figures and some other sort of prop stuff. We’re just in the process of getting our costing of it and presenting it to some of the store retailers. They’ve seen some of it, and they’re pretty excited about it. We’re probably about a month away on making a big announcement on what that stuff is.

I wonder what the new stuff could be? With new characters set to appear in Season 4B, we might get our first look at them in action figure-form. Eugene or Abraham perhaps?


Which Walking Dead character would you most like to own as an action figure?


TWD action figures are....


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