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So we've finally got some updated news on the "Ghost In The Shell" live action movie.

The movie will be directed by Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, with Steven Spielberg as producer. Now, Steven Spielberg could be a great choice as producer, as he has produced some great films, such as "Saving Private Ryan", and "A.I. Artificial Intelligence". But this other guy... Rupert Sanders, has never directed anything worth being called great, or worthy of being selected as director for such a huge name like Ghost In The Shell. The only thing anyone would even know him from was "Snow White and The Huntsman". Which was okay, not great, not terrible, just okay.

But Hey, you know Hollywood! They could care less about putting serious effort into legendary anime, such as Ghost In The Shell. Just look at what they did with the Dragon Ball Z live action movie, OUCH! A big kick in the balls (or ovaries) to any fan of DBZ. SO! With this man being director, who would you all like to see playing Motoko Kusanagi? When first reading the news, the first person that came to mind was Charlize Theron (shown below).

Now, I think she would be a great choice, as she kind of has the look and she's an accomplished actress.

Add a little hair dye and she's good to go. I've seen lots of her movies and she's definitely capable of pulling off the confident Motoko Kusanagi. So who do YOU think would play a good Motoko? What about Batou, Togusa, Ishikawa, and Saito?


Is Charlize Theron a good choice for Motoko Kusanagi?


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