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Bandi Hartsfield

Recently, Total Film was on set for the Amazing Spiderman 2 doing an article. While there, Avi Arad and Tolmach expands on the future of the franchise.

Avi Arad:

"As we tell Spider-Man's story and introduce a number of new villians, the idea is to complicate his life from movie to movie."


"Theres gonna be two more Spider-Man movies, then Sinister Six and venom. We're opening up the universe and this movie is really the beginning of that. We honestly haven't defined [the order of the next films]. There's gonna be a Spider-Man 3, thats for sure. Thats the next movie you'll see from us. Because all of these stories and universes are interwoven, we we have not figured out exactly when it's all going to happen. Thats literally what we're in the process of defining right now."

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