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Dawn Lodrigue

We all knew this article was coming, and I am happy to be the one to do it. We now have two strong female leads to two franchise movies. Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games, and Tris Prior of Divergent will now face off. I am just going to do my best to put this into perspective for those who are going to want their say in this debate, I am not asking who would win, I am asking who would you rather fight yourself. I am doing so because it will show who the real tough girl is. So let’s do this…

Katniss Everdeen

A brave, caring girl from the poor District 12 is a scary image with a bow and arrow, as she can kill like a sniper with it. She is extremely good under pressure, and takes on the role of hero in the book and movie series as the girl who cannot be suppressed in her ways. She is stubborn, fast, and people are quick to want to be her friend as she is a useful one to have. Emotions have a bittersweet way of showing themselves with Katniss, as she can either cry at the death of the young girl or the old brave lady from District Four, yet she can look the president in the eye and let him know there will be no ass kissing. So to sum it up a caring, sniper like heroine with a cause.

Tris Prior

Part of a world where people are split into one of five factions based on their strongest personality trait and way of thinking. This girl is so stubborn it isn’t even her fault, she cannot be classified making her divergent and threatening to her society. She is very small and thin, yet as the books have described her, she is mean enough to be known as the attack dog of Dauntless, the courageous faction. If you were part of a group known for being brave and reckless and tough, and you were classified as its scariest member, I would say you are someone to avoid. Tris does have a caring, intelligent, selfless side, but identifies well with courage as she faces her fears head on. She does not back down, always speaks her mind, even when it is the leader of a faction that may kill her. This is a girl who lives in a world where fear is a training tool and she scores high every single time. So to sum Tris up, born selfless, trained courageous, and trained to kill.

So the battle of who is tougher begins. Once again I ask you, the reader, who would you rather fight? Let’s put these two characters together, shall we? Katniss thinks with her heart, has skills because of a need for survival, and has size on her side. Tris thinks with her head, always a step ahead, and her fighting skills are from training with a group that can take on anyone and barely get a scrape. So Katniss, the heroine, or Tris, the Divergent?

I love both novel series, I love the Hunger Games movies so far, and I also loved the Divergent book series. So when I tell you who I pick no one get angry lol. If I had to be put in a fight with one of the two, please let me face Katniss without a doubt. In a fight, the quickest way to lose is to let emotions get the best of you, and Katniss is one to think with emotions. Would I ever want to face Tris? As a friend, sure, if she was angry with me, HELL NO….Keep in mind she is trained to kill and she is the one to fear among the Dauntless. She doesn’t need a bow, she will shoot, stab, shock, or break your neck, etc. she knows many ways to kill and can do it in a nightmare scenario. For those of you wanting to argue this, please read Divergent then go and see the movie. Let’s hope Shailene Woodley gives Tris an accurate portrayal of intelligent badass.


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