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With the short break over we can now get back to the good stuff - a Monday full of animation. With the spare week I had a chance to look over the past 10 episodes of the show and there's a clear improvement on last year, it's still not developed a consistent level yet - with it occasionally going off the rails a touch. But it's getting there and this week makes it the shows strongest three episodes in a row for a while.

The show has targeted Google glass this week and like 'Steal This Episode' (but not to the same degree) it has delivered some solid satire. 'Homer' and all the power plant workers are given Google Glasses by 'Mr.Burns' as a company present - but 'Mr.Burns' has an ulterior motive. He uses them as a means of spying on them, which I liked. It didn't implement it as well as I'd have hoped with it putting a light view on the matter - but it has something genuine to say about this kind of thing. The age of spying and company paranoia is growing. The pacing is a little off, mainly because of it flickering between the different plots - when halfway through it becomes a 'Homer' spies on 'Marge' thing. Which again is interesting, but I feel that and 'Mr.Burns' plot would have been better as separate episodes. There's also a B-plot that doesn't really go anywhere- 'Nelson' forcing everyone to give him a valentine with 'Bart' refusing.

There's some clever jokes sprinkled around but it's the respective stories that mainly keep this interesting. It seems like the show is starting to revert to when the relationships was just as important as the jokes and i like that. Naturally 3 episodes isn't the best indication - but I want to believe it. Even though it's not overtly funny there is enough to see it through to the end - it doesn't wait too long to give us something to laugh at. But I do have to admit it contains some jokes I'd prefer they never did - referencing your own title sequence is stupid and the end of the 'Moe bubble was cringe-inducing.

Not the best but not the worst of the season. 'Specs And The City' is ultimately held up by its good take on spying. And even though it shifts its focus somewhat halfway through - both plots are strong enough to justify the change. It's just a shame I didn't pick one over the other as we could have had something great.

B-, 6.5/10

Favourite Parts:

- The two connected by slightly different plot both work well - the first was onto something excellent, it's a shame it shifts off it.

- Marge: "Lisa, what did I say about pointing out the meaninglessness of thing?". On the Google Glass screen when looking at 'Maggie' - Attempted Murderess. Mr.Burns walks in "Who are you?" Homer: "Ahh, Mr. Burns!". Mr.Burns: "Mr.Burns?, oh I'm sorry".


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