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Details on The Walking Dead spin-off have been more scarce than a vegetarian zombie.

All we know is that it will take place in the same universe as The Walking Dead and there will be lots of walkers doing lots of flesh munching.

Now TWD creator, Robert Kirkman, has revealed the teasiest of details regarding the spin-off, when he spoke at the Amazing Arizona Comicon:’s technically not a spinoff, because we’re not spinning off any of the characters. That’s what that term means.
So I can say that it will be another group of characters, surviving in another part of the world. And it’s not going to use any of the core cast from our show. The show will continue uninterrupted, as if the other show doesn’t exist. But the other show will kind of be its own entity.

Exciting stuff. I like that the spin-off is introducing new characters and changing location. It will be good to get a different spin on the zompocalypse and see how other communities deal with the dead rising and walking the Earth.

(Source: ComicBook)

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