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Phil M Payton

Not long ago I remember saying ‘Family Guy’ had delivered some consistency and that even though they were mediocre that was good. Well I must have been drunk because this is worse than last season so far having 3 dreadful pieces of ‘entertainment in a row isn't a fun thing. Thankfully there’s an improvement this week - even if it is a minor one.

This week the show tries to go something with substance and bring back Brian’s son ‘Dylan’. When ‘Brian’ finds out his son is a TV star he decides to take a shine to him but then later realizes how much an idiot he was being to him. There was potential here but it for some unknown reason just cuts it halfway through. Dylan’s realization of him being used is so out of the blue and sudden it’s too ridiculous to believe. But everything prior to that was fairly well written - unfortunately this was a big possibility with this show. The B-plot sees ‘Quagmire’ have enough ‘Peter’ and they’re no longer friends. There’s a decent idea but i think it would have worked better as a full episode.

Jokes are the usual slice of inappropriate and attempts at shock value - that no longer work. There’s a horrible joke involving a baby that’s just no acceptable not to mention sad. On the bright side there are 1 or 2 things worth a laugh. The sad thing is those one or two are the most the show has managed to muster for a while now.

If this was any other show an improvement this little wouldn't warrant a mention at all but here it certainly does. There’s a half decent idea here that is just glanced over in both the main and the B-plot. There comes a point where it here’s no pay-off to a show and at the moment its going that way. 1 or 2 great episodes a season is what’s kept me watching all these years if it fails that this year i think i’m done.

D+, 4.5/10

Favourite Parts:

- The lion cutaway. The secretaries.


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