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Phil M Payton

There’s a clear gap brewing between ‘American Dad’/’Bobs Burgers’ and ‘The Simpsons’/’Family Guy. Something that’s only recently happened was there last year and it’s here again. There is a clear difference between ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ as far as the size of the gap - with ‘Family Guy’ way behind. It could be looked at as worrying for those two shows considering there’s a distinct line there.

'Stan' gets the center stage this week; after his 100th kill, his conscience takes over when he's asleep and does good things. Eventually resulting in trying to prevent 'Stan' from killing ever again. It's an interesting idea and something that I can't recall seeing before. Taking the idea of a conscience and making it real was pretty unique. It's structured in the way you'd expect so the pacing is pretty solid as things escalate - until 'Stan' does something drastic to keep his conscience in check.

The plot makes a nice change but the jokes are what make this episode. It’s equaled a ‘Bobs Burgers’ level with jokes flying about. It’s classic ‘American Dad’ crazy, absurd and long jokes with the right pay off. Not everything worked but that’s ok because as iv’e said the ore attempt the better - even if something goes flat as long as it isn’t eye rolling the audience will move on.

Another stellar episode from ‘American Dad’ it’s hitting new heights and looking like the best season the show has ever had. There’s a nice twist on the sleepwalking plot and there are jokes a plenty. Each week i’m expecting the downfall and it still hasn’t come i staying cautiously optimistic but i’m more and more coming around to the thought that this will continue until the end.

A-, 8.5/10

Favourite Parts:

- New take on the sleepwalking story

- The long ‘Roger’ explanation of this horrible guy that he suggests ‘Stan’ kill - then it turns out ti was just some guy who got the last pretzel. Roger: “this is just a straw”. Roger: “Need I say more?” Stan: “Only if you want me to understand.”.Lady: "Excuse me, where did you get your shoelace tied?"Stan: "I do it myself, ma’am." (then the look on the bums face haha).


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