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Phil M Payton

Ah some much needed relief from ‘Family Guy’ (also I purposefully watch this show after it so I’m not miserable). The great thing about this show is there’s no worry than I’m going to get a dud the show has consistently delivered excellent episodes ever since season 2 (and may it carry on for as long as possible). No surprises this week either.

This time the Belcher’s decide to shoot a commercial for the Super Bowl to try and drum up some more business. And we get ‘Jimmy Pesto’ again who is the cause of the commercial when he mocks ‘Bob’. It’s nothing new as far as ‘Pesto’ is involved as him and ‘Bob’ always in end up in a rivalry. The story isn’t much beyond that, other than Bob’s desire to beat ‘Pesto’ by cutting his family out of the commercial. ‘Bob’ uses an ex-NFL player who is this week ‘guest’ he falls somewhere in the middle as there’s nothing especially interesting about him.

The story is a simple one that doesn’t have much of a direction other than the competition. But as usual its downright hilarious. Containing one of my favourite ever moments form the show - angry can can dancing. There are moments of nothing to laugh at so it can’t be considered up there with the shows best but it isn’t far off. The second half is better than the first and showing the original advert during the credits was a nice addition.

What can i say? but yet another big delivery from the best animated show around. Going back to the shows roots of a simple episode with ‘Bob’ and Jimmy’s rivalry. As ever there’s a lot to laugh - and as far as this shows concerned its just another day at the office. This is showing the others up with episodes like this week in week out.

A, 9/10

Favourite Parts:

- Simple story that harks back to the early days of the show - it’s nice when it pops up occasionally.

- They brought back ‘Randy’ and ‘Jimmy Pesto’. - Teddy: “Look alive Mort he’s talking about us”. The angry Can-Can dancing - genius. Bob: “I’ve got nothing.” Tina: “No, Dad. We’ve got nothing”. Tina: ”Aww, the county is Bi, good for us.”. Linda: “Gene, you can’t hold your poops in, alright? You gotta set ‘em free so they go down the sewer and they find their families, and they’re happy.”.


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