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Phil M Payton

Now that the show has officially entered 'incredibly exciting and new' territory, I can't wait to dive in. There's also more of a chance of an overall plot as well as the mystery of Lana's baby (which I'm fully expecting to be Archer's). There's a lot that needs resolving and a lot of potential here - don't screw it up, please. So far so good.

Now that its been established that 'Pam' does have a cocaine problem, it was likely that this was going to come up sooner or later. So its unsurprising that they brought it up this early. Continuing on from last week with the counterfeit money, the gang try and think of way to resolve the problem. But 'Pam' decides its best to solve that by buying some amphetamines instead from the Yakuza. This naturally turns into a shoot out when they realize the money was fake and the price is Pam's head. There's the same structure here with most of it being inside the mansion and the gang talking. It's works because its all about the dialogue in this show but it would be nice if it broke free from that. The 'Ron Cadillac' makes an appearance resolving the "are he and Malory still married". It's another self contained episode that is there to show how they might operate in the future.

It's more of the same this week in the jokes department hitting the mark most of the time but never creating anything in the mould of season 2 and 3. There are some continuing jokes throughout with the phone something 'Archer' does really well. Almost acting like a trend when even the Yakuza do it - making it even funnier. But even with all the great jokes and plot it still feels a little safe keeping everything contained, maybe i'm asking too much given that it's only at the 3rd episode of the format.

And it's another B+ for 'Archer'. A same old same old plot that keeps everything in one place and relying on dialogue to keep things interesting. And again it works hopefully now it'll spread out and we'll see the show start to go on one of its adventures for 'Archer' to mess with.

B+, 8/10

Favourite Parts:

- I'm glad they've probably made the 'Pam is addicted to cocaine' trait final. Also 'Ron Cadillac' still being around is nice.

- The phones bits are all great. Cheryl: "Since I can’t write a genre defining country song with you guys screaming about a horde of Chinese daylight vampires, who are probably scuttling up the drainpipes as we speak. Go out there and kill them!". Cyril: "Your great-uncle must have really wanted to capture those runaway slaves." Cheryl: " I know. It nearly bankrupted him, and the weird thing was it was like 1890...".


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