ByDaniel Giudice, writer at
Daniel Giudice

With the newest magazine covers published from Empire Magazine, I got this sinking feeling. It appears to me that Brian Singer is putting his own spin on things to the point where it's insulting. I don't consider myself a fan boy, but I am a fan.

Above, is the picture release for the future Sentinel. It seems lazy, rushed, plain and with no connection to anything that resembled Sentinels from my comic book reading days.

Why couldn't they take the time to use a design closer to this? Something that is larger and more terrifying than a robot Slenderman? This resembles their version of the 70's Sentinel yet would be larger and more agile.

I won't even repost their version of Quicksilver. Needless to say he looks like he's wearing a costume that he purchased at the local party store. In this Ultimate design, at least you would be able to explain that the suit compensates for excess air friction.

Maybe I'm judging too fast but I saw these polished covers and felt that I couldn't be the only one that felt this way. Or maybe I'm just a ranting madman?


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