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Nicolas Carmona

This one is one of the many covers that Empire Magazine released with the characters of the upcoming movie, X-Men Days of Future Past. There are a few things to note from them besides the fact that they are all really really cool. First The sentinels, not only we got to see the Mark I a while ago but now we see Mark X a more organic look to the Sentinels. The less robotic look gives us to think this will be a much more difficult Sentinel to deal with than before.

The other one I want to talk about is Quicksilver…I don’t like his look. I am okay with them not going with the traditional costume but this just looks horrible, those goggles are very weird ad the utility belt doesn't really make sense; I will give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they have something planned for all these decisions but from the first look, not what I would picture.

One of the biggest additions to the series is Bolivar Trask and just like in Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage looks bigger and powerful. This is not only a work from the script and the directing, but it takes a great actor to pull this off and I am very happy with this decision and with this look, so simple yet so powerful.

One of the biggest shocks has been seeing Rogue in one of these covers; after they had said that she had been take out during editing, to see her in one of the covers is very unexpected. Maybe they found a way to add her into the film? She seemed like a main character during the first movie and as the other sequels happened they gave her a lesser role. I kind of hope they do, I liked her all the way until Last Stand and maybe her cure was temporary like Magneto.

There are many many more covers, some of them are really cool looking other are okay. One thing is for certain, we have many characters to look at in this movie and you can see some of them when Days of Future Past comes out on May 24, 2014.


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