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John Hopper

With every Transformers film, there is always a Linkin Park song that covers it. But will the band have something for Michael Bay in this next installment of the franchise?

To be honest, no one has any idea what is happening. Sure there are talks and rumors going around but nothing substantial that suggests Linkin Park will come back. At the moment the real question is will Linkin Park have enough time to produce a song before the June/July release date?
Maybe they are secretly working on something or maybe they are not. In my opinion, a Transformers movie is not the same without a Linkin Park song.

However, there are talks that Steve Aoki will be working on the soundtrack alongside Steve Jablonsky. Maybe this is a good sign for Linkin Park after all.

So over to you guys! Do you think that there should be a Linkin Park song in Transformers: Age of Extinction or do you think that Linkin Park should just take a break? Comment your thoughts below!


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