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WOW! I haven't been this shocked since they announced a live action Akira film was on the way. What's also shocking is it will be directed by Rupert Sanders. Sanders is the same man who directed Snow White and the Huntsman. Which in my opinion is a uncharismatic, and dull film.

This news has me VERY worried. If you are familiar with the story of Ghost in the Shell, you'll know it has an extremely complex storyline. Even more so than Akira (a live action film has been in the works for Akira for over a decade btw). I've seen Ghost in the Shell part 1 and 2 three times, and there are parts of the series I still don't understand. With that said I have some major concerns:

Concern #1: Rupert Sanders is at the helm to direct. I've seen nothing in his directorial resume that has wowed me, or sparked my interest. Snow White and the Huntsman, had a lot of great visuals, and not much of anything else. Of all the great directors in Hollywood that could tackle a film like this, the studio gives it to Sanders?...Very weird.

Concern #2: Will the live action film fall victim to Hollywood whitewashing? If I hear another slap in the face case of cinematic whitewashing, I think my head will explode. I am hoping and praying for at least a diverse cast. There are plenty of Asian actors, whom are fairly well known to American audiences, so there really isn't any excuse.

Concern #3: What are they going to do with the story?! Maybe they are just using the title Ghost in the Shell, and it won't be an actual remake. Hopefully they don't sacrifice essential pieces of the story, just so the story can be shortened, and dumbed down for American audiences. The writers of the anime really did a good job of creating the perfect future world, and it forces the audience to think for themselves.

Over all, I will say that my curiosity has been peaked, as I wonder how they are going to move forward with this. The lead character of the anime is a female android, and I'm always down to see females kick a**. Maybe Sanders will take a page out of the Wachowski's (The Matrix), and create a cinematic experience that is both new, and exciting.

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