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Jerome Maida

"Frozen" continued it's remarkable, surprisingly successful run over the past weekend by actually moving UP a spot on the charts; it's $9.1 million haul ranks sixth all-time among ninth weekends, by which time most movies have lost steam.

The only films that have ever had longer and stronger legs are: "Titanic", "Avatar", "Home Alone", "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

In the process, "Frozen" has now topped "Finding Nemo" to become the highest-grossing original animated movie ever - excluding re-release grosses - with an astounding $348 million.

For example, "Finding Nemo" has a $380 million "lifetime gross", but only $339.7 million during it's initial run.

Likewise, "The Lion King" is second on the animated list when you tabulate it's $422 million domestic lifetime gross, yet it too falls short of "Frozen" when initial runs are taken into account, generating $312 million.

So when those two wildly successful classics are taken out of the equation, "Frozen" ranks only behind the Terrible Troika of "Shrek 2" ($441 million); "Toy Story 3" ($415 million) and "Despicable Me 2" ($368 million).

With a sing-along version hitting theaters this weekend, it looks likely will pass "Despicable Me 2" by mid-February.

While it may seem unlikely that "Frozen" will overtake "Shrek 2" and ""Toy Story 3", it is worth remembering that this is a film that has surprised from the get-go.

"Frozen" was Disney Animation's first film to open on Thanksgiving weekend since 2010, when "Tangled" opened strong and finished with just over a $200 million domestic take. The popular theory at the time was that the story in "Frozen" wasn't as immediately interesting to the masses as "Tangled" and that Disney's marketing hadn't seemed to target boys as successfully as "Tangled" had. As a result, most forecasts had "Frozen" falling just short of the take of "Tangled" and taking advantage of a dearth of Holiday options to be about as successful as "Wreck-It-Ralph", which generated $189.4 million domestically.

It obviously has done far better than that and seems to have given Disney just what it needed ( sarcasm) - another ridiculously successful film ( and possible franchise) to go along with it's Pixar fare, Marvel movies and upcoming "Star Wars" sequels.


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