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It has been five months since I wrote my original article titled, "A successful Wonder Woman movie IS possible: here's how!" At the time there was barely a thought in anyone's mind of it actually happening and it only has 1,125 readers to date. A lot has changed in the last five months including the controversial casting of Israeli Model/Actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the Batman vs Superman movie after playing on two of the Fast and Furious movies. It has recently been stated that she is signed to play the part in three movies total, the Batman vs Superman movie and possibly a Justice League and Wonder Woman Origin/Stand alone movie. Therefore I decided it was time to recap my earlier article adding in this new information and see what the readers think about it. Here is my revised idea for a successful Wonder Woman movie:

It would start with a plane going down in the Pacific Ocean in an area similar to the Bermuda Triangle, however not as well known due to the twin facts that there is a constant fog over it and that anyone who has come close enough to see what is inside the fog has never been heard from again. This is Paradise Island or as the Amazons call it, "Themyscira". The pilot of the plane is Steve Trevor and he is calling in a mayday as the plane disappears from sight.

Themyscira is made up mostly of women, the majority of which are tall, well-conditioned fighters. There are some men on the island as well, but they are slaves and used mostly for labor & breeding purposes. There is nobody on the island older than the Queen, who is between 40-50 years old. This is because she can be challenged at any time by the Champion of the Amazons and if she loses than the Champion becomes Queen. Pure and Simple, Survival of the fittest. Steve is captured and taken to the Queen for interrogation. She uses the Lasso of truth (a magic lasso that keeps you from lying) on him and he tells Queen Hippolyta that he was on a routine mission testing the range of a new type of radio that could transmit through the interference in the area and that there could be rescue teams on the way at anytime. She decides to make him a slave and train her warrior's in U.S. Air Force Fighting Tactics in preparation for the upcoming battle. He refuses (even with the lasso) and she is about to kill him when her daughter, Diana, shows up.

Wonder Woman cartoon
Wonder Woman cartoon

Diana is one of the best of the Amazon Warriors, but her mother refuses to let her fight to become Champion, because Queen Hippolyta knows that she is not a mere mortal. She is half Goddess made out of a clump of clay that Hippolyta had formed and the Gods gave life. Diana knows none of this.She has never seen a man in Military Uniform since all the other men on the island were civilian pilots or fishermen, etc. She immediately has a crush on him and begs her mother not to kill him. Queen Hippolyta agrees to spare him until or unless they are forced to fight if outsiders come on the island in search of him.

It just so happens that Batman in his Civilian Identity of Bruce Wayne is part of the testing that Steve is involved in and decides to go check the area himself at night in the Bat-plane. After telling Clark to come looking for him if he hasn't reported back in a certain amount of time, He uses the Bat-plane's Stealth mode to approach the area and is surprised to see a group of Islands were there aren't any on the Map. He then puts on his Batsuit and goes to investigate. Needless to say that even with his skills and training, Batman is injured and captured. He tells Queen Hippolyta about Superman and Steve shows her a newspaper clipping that he had in his waterproof pouch to confirm Batman's story.

This is when Queen Hippolyta decides to hold the tournament to have one of her Warriors accompany the men back before the island is found and they are over-run. Of Course, Diana sneaks into the tournament and wins before her Identity is discovered. Since there isn't any time to have another Tournament before the time for Superman to check on Batman, The women take him and steve back to the Batplane after they use the lasso of truth to find out where it is. When they get to the Plane, Queen Hippolyta uses the Lasso again to make them forget about the island as soon as they are clear of it and to believe that they found Diana shipwrecked in the ocean.

As for Diana, She was told to find out as much as she could about Man's World before returning home in a year and that anytime she was in danger all she had to do was spin around and her uniform would appear in order to keep her identity a secret. The movie would then end as the screen pulled back to reveal Batman has been watching most of this unfold (Minus the first part prior to Batman arriving on the island) from the Bat Computer. You see, he had been secretly recording the whole time on the island.

There you have it folks, My revised article on how a successful Wonder Woman Movie is possible. What do you think? I know it has a cameo by Superman and co-stars Batman, but I believe it could work and even set up a solo Batman Movie. As always comment below, follow me on [email protected] and on facebook at the entertainment writer.


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