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rickey russell

Coulrophobics beware! The release date for psycho clown flick “Splash Area: Night Of The Freaks” has been set for January 21st. The film is writen and directed by George Clarke and stars Anthony Boyle, Leanne Marks, Ruby Campbell, Brian Norton, John Render, Gary Whelan, Paul McCarron, Alan Crawford, and Conor Pelan.

Eagle One Media is proud to announce it has acquired worldwide rights to George Clarke’s Irish made killer clown feature Splash Area: Night of the Freaks. North America DVD release is set for January 21 with the film now available on digital platforms itunes, Play Google, and Amazon Instant. Produced by Yellow Fever Productions the DVD may be pre-ordered at major on-line retailers such as Amazon.

Halloween night. A gang of killer clowns on are the rampage and after seeing their friend mutilated by them, three friends decided to go above the law in a bid to stop the red nosed crazies. Following them to an old asylum, they soon become the hunted in this fun house of blood and guts, fighting for survival against muscle, madness and chainsaws...


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