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Caleb Lindquist

The Mortal Engines book series has been around for a while, but after I finished the four-book quartet, I was elated to find from The Dominion Post that the movie rights had already been my favorite producer/director, Peter Jackson. The book series centers around a steampunk postapocalyptic world in Europe (no I swear it's super original) with cities that move on gigantic tank treads and eat each other. They also have nice little deathly inventions called Stalkers that use the recycled bodies of dead people and chase down assassination targets.....and they never stop. But the story is about a young boy who decides not to have an adventure but does anyway. The whole story arc is AMAZING because the second and third book jump 20 years ahead into the story with the same characters, just older. The steampunk would go greatly with Weta Workshop's penchant for overdoing their quality, and I think the story could use a screen adaptation. Peter, you have the rights. After Tintin, please do the first book. And possibly the four prequels 20 years from now.

Until we see that happening, here's an animation students test detailing the first few chapters of the book in movie form lauded by Philip Reeve, the author himself. Enjoy!


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