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rickey russell

A trailer has been released for Chris Eilenstine’s “The Soulless”. The film dares you to question what you think you know about the living dead and the people that must battle them. “The Soulless” stars Jennifer Teska, Jason Propst, Kaylin Iannone, Jeff Caplan, Michael Chartier, Braedyn Fraser, Alex Gonzalez, Jake Ottosen, Bob Cleary, Laura Herr, Meghan Buonano, Cal Schwartz, Kendra Zimmer, Robert Kern, Eric Walby and Russ Bucci.

The film follows life after the zombie apocalypse when people immune to the virus that have died begin to return to the earth. Believed to be without souls and condemned as demons these soulless people take on the battle against the undead.


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