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rickey russell

“The Girl Who Played With The Dead” is a new indie horror film directed by Cory J Udler that tells the story of Lauren, who has been obsessed with death, destruction, war atrocities and cannibalism too long. It's time for a change. Running away from her thoughts, but never fully escaping them, Lauren finds that leaving her kinks behind her is easier said than done.

“The Girl Who Played With The Dead” is from the demented mind behind "Incest Death Squad 1, 2", "IDS RISING", "Mediatrix" and "Ed Gein: D.D.S." comes low budget exploitation in it's rawest form. There is currently a campaign ongoing over at Indiegogo to fund the film’s production. Check it out for the perks of your support. Also head to the Facebook Page to keep up with the latest details.


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