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I have to say that I am just hearing about the gay vampire drama “Distorted Transfection” (Love the title!). The film is directed by Shewan Howard and Elijah Willis from a screenplay written by Howard. The film is a story about non-human entities who crave something larger than what they have in front of them, causing a plethora of destruction along the way. Check out the latest images from “Distorted Transfection” below.

“Distorted Transfection” stars Shewan Howard, Drew Jenkins, Grant Niezgodski, Sam Platt, Rachel Elle, Brianna Handy, Erin Pauley, Emily Mange, Daniel Linehan, Emily Scott, Angela McGrayel, Cassie Alexander, Nicki Eberle and Ian Ketcham. The story looks at relationships at different points in their development: one is fresh and new, and the couple is ambivalent about jumping in. Another is very stable and happy, less selfish in their love. Another is a couple split by circumstance, but then circumstances change and reconciliation seems possible. And the core relationship has endured love and hate for more than 7 centuries, but keep trying to make it work.

These non-humans are searching for different things, whether that's eternal love, family, power or revenge. And in those respective searches, repercussions become inevitable. They become so blinded by their own agendas that they lose sight of the larger picture for their race.

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