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K. Lee Adams

I want to talk about this because I constantly see others online talking about it. The found footage/documentary format. Do you love it? Do you hate it and wish it would die already? If so, you're out of luck as we have a number of new flicks with this format on the horizon (Paranormal Activity 5, Welcome To Yesterday, Delivery, Willow Creek and so on and so forth). Or maybe you're indifferent to it. As a movie viewer, I don't hate the format at all. I just think we get more bad movies using it than good ones. My personal favorite are the first two (REC) films.

Honorable mentions include Chronicle, The Last Exorcism (not amazing but when compared to the sequel it's fantastic) Grave Encounters, VHS, VHS 2 and the decent Paranormal Activity 3. I so want to list District 9 because it's such a great movie, but I'm going for films that use the format all the way through.

No offense to anyone but I have no love for the rest of the PA franchise, The Blair Witch Project or The Devil Inside. They just do nothing for me and I of course understand if my choices don't work for you.

Of course, there are a number of other films I could mention but I want to know what your favorite found footage/documentary style films are. Or maybe you hate anything using this gimmick. Let me know.


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