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Marvel is in early discussions to bring back Anthony and Joe Russo for a third Captain America movie, which looks very good for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

So What does this news tell us? Well, I've got a pretty good feeling this means Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be as awesome as everyone's is saying it will be. I'm sure the big heads over at Marvel have already seen the near-finished Captain America 2 movie, and were very pleased with what they saw. We all know Ed Brubaker, the creator of The Winter Soldier, was blown away by the script, and said the film was being made the way he would want it to be made.

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This is all very exciting news for a huge Captain America fan like myself. I was skeptical of Anthony & Joe Russo at first, but from everything I've heard over the past few months, it looks like this movie is shaping up nicely!

Unfortunately, I have not yet seen the ending for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but hopefully it will give us some sort of idea of what to expect from the third film. I for one am hoping they do not bring back Red Skull, I found his character to be a very boring last fight in the first Captain America Film.

But if they must bring back The Red Skull, Here's an Idea.

How About The Red Skull And The Grand Director!


Captain America

And Bucky aka The Winter Soldier


So how do you all feel about these 2 directors coming back for a third film?


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