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Six AMAZING (I'm slightly biased in all of this. You know, huge mega fan of the books, blah, blah, blah) new clips for Vampire Academy have popped up on YouTube courtesy of Movies Coming Soon and boy are you in for a treat!

Whether you're an old or new fan, these clips are bound to get you excited for the movie due for release in the US and Canada February 7th! Check them out!

1. Princess Lissa Shows off her Moroi Magic. (you go girl!)

2. The girls find a "treat" waiting for them in their dorm room. (Which kinda also doubles as a snack for Natalie.)

3. Rose "eavesdrops" on Christian and Lissa's heated convo. (*cue hairflip*)

4. Queen B Wannabe, Mia, gets what she deserves as Rose tries to take "the high road". (Ugh. Mia)

5. Natalie almost gets knocked out as the girls sense a threat looming nearby. (and Rose tells us where NOT to get a nose job. Thanks Rose)

6. Natalie reveals way more than we and Rose ever needed to know. (Ever.)


Are the new clips...


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