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In my last post I talked about many things I'd like to see in the Avengers movies, the biggest one is a movie of Rescue and I even have a pitch for it.

Title: Rescue

Director: Jon Favreau or James Mangold

Plot: The movie begins a month after the events of Avengers Age of Ultron at a funeral of Tony Stark, (my theory is that Tony dies in Avengers 2) the fellow Avengers, Agent Coulson, James Rhodes, and Pepper Potts are watching their friend getting buried as they mourn. Each member of the the Avengers walks up to Pepper and give their condolences to her including Coulson and his team of SHIELD agents, and James Rhodes. Because New York City is devastated, Pepper is taken to the SHIELD helicarrier along with the wounded Avengers to have their own rooms. In her shirt pocket, Pepper has a small device which has all that's left of JARVIS, who speaks his own condolences and tries to comfort her.

A few weeks pass by and Pepper is still upon the helicarrier, however there is a blip in JARVIS' holographic interface, revealing Tony's will and testament. JARVIS tell Pepper that all of Tony's money and Stark Industries belongs to her now. Pepper frowns as she stares out the window at the destroyed Stark Tower. JARVIS alerts Pepper of coordinates that were remotely sent to his databanks when Tony died, it was a failsafe. Immediately Pepper goes to Director Fury but Fury states that it is too dangerous for her to go any where at this moment. Coulson over hears this. Pepper goes down to the cargo area to vent, followed by Coulson. Coulson comes to Pepper then tell her that he can take her to the coordinates but Fury can't know about it.

Upon the Bus, Coulson is in the hangar where he gives Pepper a motorcycle like vehicle but it had no tires, Coulson quickly told her how to operate it and so Pepper activated it via a code causing thrusters upon the bottom to make the vehicle hover. They were just over the coordinates so he had may open the ramp, Coulson says farewell and so with JARVIS plugged into the hoverbike like a USB, Pepper flew out of the Bus then descended down towards the coordinates, JARVIS guiding her. Pepper realizes that they are returning to Malibu and so she continues until she sees a strange object protrude from the ocean. The top opens horizontally, allowing Pepper and JARVIS to fly down a long chute down to a dark area. "JARVIS do you think you can install yourself into the computers here?" "Already done, ma'am." The lights turn on revealing Stark tech, a living area, a large computer, and a door which Pepper investigated and entered a large room filled with ten stalls for Iron Man suits. JARVIS tells Pepper that in the next room is a manufacturing room with fresh supplies for suits and that this place was built for her. Pepper smiled a little then returned to the first room, then sat at the computer. "JARVIS, could an arc reactor be installed into the suits?" JARVIS affirms this. "Good, then do it." "Of course. May I ask why, ma'am?" JARVIS pulls up a holographic display to design a suit and Pepper stares at it while standing, she plants the hologram of an arc reactor into the chest of the display, "I'm going to continue what Tony started."

During all this, a convict is a yellow prison suit covered in dirt and rubble, breaks into Stark Tower then begins to look around. He finds a destroyed Iron Man armor then drags it out the hole.

The movie then goes on a montage showing Pepper help JARVIS build a new suit that could fit her better, when finished the suit opens up allowing Pepper, who wears a skin tight suit and her hair is rolled up into a ball, to step inside then close again. The suit powers up allowing Pepper to see with her heads up display, she first walks around giving a smile. "Repulsors and thrusters are working, ma'am. Would you like to test them?" She walked over to the area she first entered from, "Sure, why not?" She puts her hands at her sides then activated thrusters allowing her to fly up the chute then out the door, into the sky. She yelled with joy as she flew past the clouds. After a few minutes of flying, she asks JARVIS, "Where is the SHIELD helicarrier?" JARVIS displays a route towards the helicarrier upon her heads up display and so she blasted off to the east.

Meanwhile the convict, has just finished building a large suit, colored snow white with some sky blue stripes on the arms. Just as it powers up, the eyes glowing white, upon the television screen, the man saw a news broadcast talking about Pepper Potts being the inheritor of Stark's money and belongs and he gives a cold glare before speaking in a Hungarian accent, "I'm coming for you, Ms. Potts."

Pepper arrives on the Helicarrier deck where Fury comes out to meet her, the two kind of banter a bit before she explains, "I know you want to use Stark technology to help you. You can't have it, director. But I will be here if you need help." Coulson comes to the two and shows on his PDA a profile of the convict which Pepper reacts, "Gregor Shapanka." "You know him?" "He used to be a Stark Industries employee. I fired him because he was running strange experiments with cryogenics, trying to make himself immortal."

In a flashback, we see Shapanka in a hoodie entering Stark Industries then using liquid nitrogen explosives to freeze pieces of the building and even kill people. Before he could throw a grenade, Pepper electrified him by using a taser on his back, making him drop drown. Shapanka was then arrested.

Coulson then explains that cryogenic labs have been robbed all over New York City and he broke out of prison a month ago. Pepper is interested so Fury gives her permission to look into it not that that would have stopped her. Via comms, Fury is updated that a gang of thugs are using scrounged Ultron weapons to wreak havoc. Pepper's mask closes and she blasts off down to the city, JARVIS giving her the route to them. While the gang torments a family, Pepper lands in the middle of the street, then stands. "Let them go now or this won't get ugly for you." JARVIS uses a code to deactivate the weapons. The gang tries to fire but they jam. Pepper immediately spoke, "Repulsor to non lethal." She fired at three of the thugs, knocking them out. Another tries to hit her with a pipe but it just dents the pipe. She stares at him and he just runs away. "Fury, I'm getting the weapons out of here." Just as she picks up a Ultron weapon, she gets blasted with a repulsor blast sending her through an abandoned build. She gets up to see the suit that hte convict made and Shapanka's voice comes out, "Ms. Potts. I'm glad I overheard your little...fight." Pepper stands then steps out of the hole, "Shapanka?" Shapanka lifts his arm and his repulsors began to charge up, freezing his hand. "Ms. Potts, his repulsors emit a cryogenic energy."JARVIS says before Pepper shakes the ice off her back. "A storm has come, Ms. Potts...and it is a blizzard of vengeance." Shapanka fires a cryo-beam at Pepper but she dodges as she watches half the building freeze up. "Did you seriously make an ice pun?" The two battle but Shankara ends up grabbing Pepper then freezing her until she deactivates. Coulson arrives in his hover car, fires at Blizzard with a Ultron gun until he retreats. Pepper blacks out due to the cold.

Pepper awakens upon the helicarrier, Bruce Banner is using a very powerful laser to melt the ice. JARVIS opens the suit when the ice is gone, and Pepper falls onto her knees, trying to warm herself. Banner takes off his jacket then wraps it around her before helping her into a chair. After she calms down Banner explains that whatever created that ice is a combination of liquid nitrogen and arc reactor technology combined. Pepper starts to repair her suit as she listened, "JARVIS, is it ready yet?" "In about four more hours, ma'am." Banner watched her work then asked, "Can I ask why?" "Why what?" "The suit. With Tony gone, I figured you would have shut down Iron Man projects." The suit powered back up, "Tony never would have stopped, he knew that the world needed Iron Man. I can't just let that die, the world needs me right now...I'm the only one who can come to the rescue." Banner just smiles, "Tony would be proud." Then goes back to examining the energy signatures. "With this I could probably find where Shapanka is hiding." "Good." Pepper then walk out of the lab to find Coulson whom she thanks for saving her. Pepper notices that all the Avengers are gone so she asks why and Coulson explains that all the avengers except for Banner have been relocated for protection.

After finishing their talk, frost freezes onto the railings and walls which makes her realize, "Shapanka!" She ran back to the lab then got into the suit with Banner looking around the frosty lab with caution. "Banner, follow Coulson to a Quinjet then get the hell out of here." From behind her a large metal hand grabbed her by her head then pulled her into another room. Shapanka tried to fire at Banner but he quickly dodged then escaped. Above Shapanka was a hole onto the deck, thus showing her broke in. Coulson appear around the other corner with the Destroyer gun but it doesn't do as much damage thanks to a force field, so Blizzard just punches Coulson away. Banner watches and then he suddenly sees his alternate personality: the Hulk right next to him so he speaks "You can save her. We have to save her!" Hulk turns away, "I know SHIELD and Ross don't trust you but if we don't do anything, she'll die." Unaware of who he is, Blizzard sees him talk to no one then fires one repulsor blast into his back, making him hit the wall. Pepper's eyes go wide and she uses her thrusters to go onto the deck. "This is going to be messy." Suddenly Banner begins to transform into the green giant, before tackling Shapanka onto the deck then punching him into the floor while roaring. Shapanka freezes Hulk in place allowing Pepper to start attacking Shapanka as well. Hulk breaks through the ice and the three fight. Shapanka uses a cryo-grenade to knock Hulk off the Helicarrier while he uses his repulsor to freeze Pepper again. "" She blacks out.

When Pepper wakes up, she is out of her suit and tied up on the wall of an abandoned warehouse filled with cryogenics technology, she sees her suit in pieces with Shapanka, who is out of his suit, fiddling with the pieces. "You destroyed my life, Ms. Potts. I was this close to finding the cure..." "The cure for what?" "Death, Ms. Potts. I could have been immortal but you fired me then had my experiments destroyed." "So you decided to kill three people and try to destroy Stark Industries? How was that going to help your case?" "What would you have done, if someone took away everything you know?!?" She frowned as she thought of Tony. "I...I wouldn't hurt people." Blizzard sits down, "Well now you are going to sit there for five years like I did." Pepper looks at Blizzard's watch and sees that it has been four hours and Blizzard's suit has an arc reactor so she looks at Blizzard, "Nice suit...stolen technology, modified. My husband has met quite a few people like you." She taunts him more while at the Armory a new suit launches out and heads to her location before he comes up to her with a cryo gun then grips her neck, "I suggest you worry, because no one is going to come rescue you." "I don't need to be rescued." Just then the new suit comes crashing through a window, knocks Shapanka into a desk. The suit uses it's repulsors to destroy the restraints then she gets into the suit, "Rescue suit, fully functional." JARVIS says before Pepper turns to Shapanka "I AM Rescue." He scowls then fires one blast of his cryo-gun but Pepper deflects it with her repulsors but Shapanka quickly rolls over then gets into the Blizzard suit. The two fight each other and the battle ends with Rescue opening the suit, pulling out Shapanka then puts a cryo-grenade into the suit befoe closing it. "NO!" The suit freezes fromt he inside out thus destroying it.

Shapanka is now in a SHIELD prison and Pepper flies through New York before landing in front of the new statue of Tony Stark. She smiles at the stature with her mask open, "Thanks for everything, Tony. I love you." The movie then ends with the camera zooms out away from her over the city.

There is a lot more that I planned with this story but I shortened it for this post. Rescue is a fan favorite character of mine and I really want to see her come back.


Pepper Potts/Rescue - Gwyneth Paltrow

JARVIS - Paul Bettany

Gregor Shapanka/Blizzard - Matt Smith

Bruce Banner/The Hulk - Mark Ruffalo

Agent Phil Coulson - Clark Gregg


Would you like to see a Rescue movie?


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