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Caleb Voyles

Well its a little early to be sure, and I doubt it will win any Oscars (could surprise us though), but come on IT'S THE FREAKIN LEGO MOVIE!!!!

I have been a fan of lego since i was a kid (what kid wasn't??). I've entered build contest since i was 10. I've been making lego stop motion sine i was 12. Lego was basically my entire childhood!

And just look at the talent brought to this project. You got you some Liam (mother effin ZEUS) Neeson, Chris prat, and of course God in man form MORGAN FREEMAN!!!! Even the directors are the perfect guys to helm this project. I mean these guys might not be the kings of comedy, but they make some great stuff!

And it may be years before we see a justice league movie, but we will be seeing all our favorite heroes here! Thats not even mentioning all the other great crossovers.

Best part of this whole thing? it freaking comes out three days before my birthday( Btw that means this contest closes on my birthday!!!!), and I've already got a large group of college friends who are going to make a birthday party out of this movie! I'm even dragging my girlfriend along for this historic event (and who knows maybe some lego themed [censored]. Nah probably not that would hurt like hell)

And i cant even wait to share this movie with the little guy on the way.


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