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Nicolas Carmona

The return of Garth and it was very bitter sweet.

** Will Contain Spoilers**

Werewolves, Sam and Dean back together and a mysterious cult revolve around this episode. Both Sam and Dean tackle the same case and they both encounter each other and start working together again, Dean is still distant and tries to do his things alone. Upon realizing that Garth is involved and learning that he has become a werewolf, also got married, there is something that doesn't fit right with the boys. After some investigation they find out there is this old religion about werewolves dominating the world and part of the gang involved with Garth ends up being bad. They quickly resolve this and Garth reminds Dean about family, at the end we have the typical Sam and Dean talk they agree to hunt together but as far as being brothers, it's not looking so good.

This is a very different episode from what we have seen in the season, it's also back to basics and it was really nice. The only problem is that this whole Sam and Dean fighting and hunting together but not being close has been done before, I really hope they do something different with this angle; as usual it won't take long before they start trusting each other, they are family and even though Sam said that doesn't fix everything, the one thing this show keeps constantly teaching us is that family goes above and beyond everything and it does indeed fix everything. The title of the episode was brought up at the end of the episode, something broken is the trust between brothers, they might get to bond over next episode it looks completely funny and something else this season needs since the dog episode; because one of the best things Supernatural does is keeps a perfect balance between drama, action and comedy. The change of Garth into a werewolf was very unexpected but it made sense after the explanation given, maybe they will come back to him, he is still a hunter and I have a feeling they will return to him later.


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