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Now before you start reading this, I must warn you, that if you read this, it may spoil the movie for you. I will try to give reasons without giving away too many plot details.

It being from the creators of "Underworld", I, myself, didn't have very high hopes for it. Don't get me wrong, It was a great action flick, but with a lot of action flicks, it lacked substance. There was, indeed, a story line but it was, shall we say, watered down, with special effects and cheesy scenes.

Aaron Eckhart delivered a great performance, which was expected, as I don't remember him not playing a great part. The reason for capturing Frankenstien's monster is made very apparent in the beginning, but there's little character building. It's pretty much, "Here's the good guys, Here's the bad guys, and here's the poor schmuck in the middle searching for himself".

There's no real rhyme or reason to the bad guy's actions, though it explains where the good and bad guys came from it doesn't explain what happens when their forces are depleted. The story is focused upon Frankenstien's monster, which is slightly understandable since that's what the movie is about, but if you're going to have multiple factions, give a little more explanation behind each.

Whether or not there will be a sequel, is still too early to tell, it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't. It has great potential, so if there is a sequel, it needs to be done right. More character/faction development. Cut back on the special effects a bit and put more story into it.


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