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Charlie Knight Jr.

I posted this a few days ago on my tumblr, but now that I've discovered MP I thought it might be worthwhile to repost here.

If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, not only did you walk away with your money’s worth of a great film experience, but you know that Jonah Hill put on perhaps the best performance of his career. That makes it even more impressive when you find out that he was so desperate to be in the film and work with Martin Scorsese, one of his biggest film idols, that he agreed to the 7 month shoot for only $60,000. Leonardo DiCaprio, the star of the film, reportedly got a $10 million paycheck.

You could argue that he sacrificed money for exposure but I really respect that he cares more about being in a quality movie with a quality director than a huge paycheck. If the pay estimate for Leo is correct, Jonah Hill is getting paid 0.6% of the star and that’s crazy to think about, especially when you probably think of him second when naming the cast list (or maybe the beautiful Margot Robbie).

Come Oscar night there are three actors that I would be happy with winning Best Supporting Actor, and Jonah Hill is certainly one of them.