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Charlie Knight Jr.

According to, a trusted source is reporting that Quentin Tarantino will be making his film "The Hateful Eight" after all, and is talking to Samuel L. Jackson about collaborating again.

As you may have heard, Tarantino supposedly scrapped the project after a draft of the script leaked and is even suing the website Gawker for posting links to the leaked script.

I was very excited when Tarantino announced plans for "The Hateful Eight" because I loved "Django Unchained" which he described as his way of learning how to make a Western. The concept that a film as great as Django could be passed off as a kind of trial-run was really intriguing to me. It made me interested to see what "The Hateful Eight" would be like now that Tarantino thought he mastered (or at least learned) the genre.

While I respected Tarantino's decision to scrap the project and was happy to hear him say how he had so many other ideas that he could use, I'm glad that this may be back on the table. While I'm sure that Tarantino may have had loads of other ideas, this was his first choice and has a lot of potential.

All of this being said, nothing's confirmed. We won't really know if this movie's being made until we see it, but we can sure hope.


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