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Okay. I've gotta rant for a minute, because people getting all up-in-arms about how different from the original Sentinels these new designs for [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) are from the original design is really driving me up the wall. So, in an effort to tone down on the foolishness, here are three reasons why it's okay for directors to do their own take on a character design.


Let's be honest. None of us truly want to see the Bat wearing the classic grey and blue suit with the underwear over the top. It's corny, stupid, and there are very few villains who would take a chump, who can't even put his clothes on in the right order, seriously. Same goes for Superman and Captain America. NOBODY TAKES THE UNDERWEAR AND SPANDEX SERIOUSLY!!!!

2. It's Freaking 2014, People

Move on from the 1960's comic versions of the characters. Please. For your own good. Things change. They evolve, and if we don't move along with them, we'll get left behind. Nobody cares if you read the old 1960's comics when you were a child because it's 2014 now, and the characters are more established with new backstories and now there is a new generation of fans with a new version of the character.

3. It's Not A Comic, It's A Movie

Yes. The films are based off of comic books. But I cannot stress enough the fact that just because something happened in the comics, that doesn't mean it has to happen in the films. Take X-Men. There are a lot of arcs in the comics where the X-Men and the Avengers are either at each other's throats or working together to stop something. Now, since two different studios own the rights to the two teams, does it make any sense to try to make an AvX (Avengers vs. X-Men) movie? NO. Because it's something that happened in the comics that is logistically impossible in the industry as it stands.


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