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Now many of you who have been reading online, have heard that the upcoming sequel to Marvel's The Avengers will be darker. Now I was a huge fan of The Avengers, but this isn't Batman or Superman, we don't need "darker" heroes. Joss Whedon stated in an interview that this movie will be similar to the epic Godfather Part 2. Darker and in the future, we don't need a "fill in" or "previously on". We understand what has happened over the years. But I don't want to see the heroes like Captain America or Iron Man in a depressed or darker state.

This film will have one of the biggest villains to cross paths with the Avengers....Ultron! Now yes, his powers will be diminished for the film, but still he was the deadliest for me. With the team recovering after the Battle at New York, where will we see them? Will Iron Man be with Pepper trying to save her? Or Making new suits? Will Black Widow be with Cap'? Obviously they fall for each other in the new Captain America film coming out in April. Will Banner be with Betty Ross, and see her finally? I'm curious how they will do this.

Iron Man Comic
Iron Man Comic

Now another question is how will the story line of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver come into play? I know many of you have read and seen the Quicksilver in Days of Future Past the upcoming X-Men sequel to First Class. Quicksilver looks like he stepped out of 80's rock band music video to me. I hope they stick to the comics in this one. I have said this in one of my other articles, but it needed to be said in this article once again. Now it seems like we might have a big team up here....Don Cheadle is scheduled to reprise his role as Col. James Rhodes or "Rhodey" could we see Iron Patriot or War Machine along side with the Avengers in this battle?

I don't mind a dark side to the heroes, but let's not go over board. The only heroes in the Marvel Comics that can pull that off are Punisher or Wolverine. Leave that dark side with theme and let's keep the original idea going here. Also could we see a story arc with Agents of Shield the smash hit on ABC? We saw a Thor: The Dark World spin off episode why not Avengers style? This is just an opinion here, you are welcome to argue this with me. Maybe I'm wrong, do we need a darker team or not? Comments welcome, but leave insults out please!


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