ByRej Bluarchr Dizon, writer at
Rej Bluarchr Dizon

I have been a fan of Legos ever since I was a kid and I can not wait to watch #TheLegoMovie because it is entertainment. Love to see all the heroes and non-heroes to work like a team and this movie shows that you do not have to be a hero with powers to justify that you are special. It would be awesome to win a prize that is all Lego since I love collecting Legos instead of Barbie. I would not miss this movie and hope that I would win something like a t shirt. In fact, I even have Lego StarWars key chain and I always stop by at Lego store just to check them out. My point is I am so stoked for this movie now that I have watched the trailer. I love how this film is created, edited and everything in between production.


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