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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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What an honorable story to be told about a 4 year-old named Anthony Smith.

Many of us comic-book fans, nerds, geeks, whatever the hell you call yourselves nowadays have always wanted to be superheroes (or possibly super villains?)

Being dorks tying our bathroom towel or bedroom blanket around our necks as a cape, to be honest that sounds dangerous! Now I understand why my mom got mad at me when I did that or it COULD be that the towels were fresh and clean from the dryer.

Enough about childhood memories we're here to talk about - The Blue Ear! "Who is this Blue Ear you speak of? Is it a disease you only catch in the North Pole? Is it the crabs of ears? Do you get it when someone gives you a wet-willy?!" No, to all those but he is a pretty awesome superhero in the Marvel Universe and it's all thanks to a special little dude named Anthony Smith of Salem, NH check it out -

The news is from 2012 but I couldn't help but tell it again because good news is always timeless in my opinion and if you like to keep track of Anthony.. I mean, "THE BLUE EAR!" Then click the link below to read about The Blue Ear & Iron Man fighting crime side by side!

We are rooting for you buddy!


Iron Man
Iron Man

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