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The marketing team behind X-Men: Days of Future Past have had a tough time of it over the past couple of days after the Empire covers they proudly released were met with a mixture of shock, derision and gentle mocking.

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Most of the fanboy ire has been aimed towards Quicksilver and the latest image of the silver speedster won't do much to calm fears. However, the problem is not so much to do with him, but more the girl sat on his knee, decked out in pink dress and for all the world looking like a young Scarlet Witch.

Check it out:

The image quality isn't the best, but there's no doubt that the kid is giving off a Wanda Maximoff vibe. This raises two important questions. Firstly, Scarlet Witch is not supposed to be in Days of Future Past, so what's she doing here? And secondly, aren't Wanda and Pietro meant to be twins? There's clearly an age difference between these two. So what's going on?

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The logical conclusion is that this is not Scarlet Witch but is more likely a subtle nod to the comic source material. We won't know for sure until we see more — perhaps during the new Super Bowl trailer? Until then, we should remain calm and try to not jump to any panicky conclusions.

Doesn't mean you have to like it though.

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