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Penny Dreadful creator/writer, John Logan, has spoken about the sex and violence in the show, admitting that while there will be plenty of both, it's all there to service the story.

Part of the motivation of what makes us a human being is how we respond erotically to the world around us, and it’s just as true for these characters, as everything else....And Juan Bayona, our great director for the first two episodes, talked about how, for something to be frightening, it has to be true. That became my watchcry, and that’s just as true for the most exalted and generous acts of the character, as for the most monstrous and depraved. That’s true for blood. It’s true for sex. We’re trying to really grapple with these characters, in all of their extremes, sexually as well as in terms of violence and psychology.

Often you see sex and violence used in movies and TV simply as a form of cheap entertainment. It serves no other purpose other than to titilate. However, it sounds like Penny Dreadful is going to explore the relationship and the psychology behind these basest of human actions. This is surely a good thing.


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