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Okay, so yes, this is just another fancast list. But indulge me for a moment. While there are many powerful and gorgeous women in the Marvel Universe, extremely compelling characters with complex personalities, it's critical that they get this female Avenger absolutely right.

Why you may ask? Because as female characters in the Marvel U are concerned, she is Captain America and Thor combined in the form of an impossibly gorgeous blonde bombshell. While fanboys may argue that Scarlet Witch and Rogue are more powerful, or that that Black Widow and Spider Woman are more sultry, Ms. Marvel is the Omega level, all American hero that stands as the best equivalent to DC's Wonder Woman. She has an inner strength that comes only with moral certitude, the same resolve we see in Captain America. She's a born leader with military training. Plus, she has power levels that allow her to go toe with any of the big boys, including the hulk. While those other characters are constantly battling inner demons or personal character flaws, Carol Danvers has and always will know exactly who she is, and what she has to do. She was called to serve in the military, and her calling continues with the Avengers. So yes, I believe this to be the most important female character in the Marvel U to get right on film. And with that, here are my top five choices.

5. Katee Sackhoff

She has the looks, and lord knows she's tough enough. She looks good in a uniform too, as we know from her roles on Battlestar Galactica and Longmire. Plus, she is a known comic book fan, and will be familiar with the source material and the character. She's a great fit.

4. Tricia Helfer

Ok, another Battlestar Galactica veteran, but hey, there were some really great actresses on that show! Like Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer has the goods. She's a veteran actress who knows how to project strength but still manage to be feminine. No stranger to fight choreography, she also has a commanding presence on screen. I have no problem seeing her fighting side by side (or toe to toe) with RDJ and the rest of the gang.

3. Charlize Theron

Ok, this one is almost obligatory. Let's face it, she's the template. No other actress has more range or star power for this role than Theron. Plus, she fits Marvel's pattern of casting award winning actors and actresses in key roles. Anyone familiar with her work knows that she is the ideal for the part. The only downside is that, while she has seemingly found the fountain of youth, Theron isn't getting any younger. One has to wonder about the longevity of her run in the role when considering her for the part. Marvel is already dealing with the eventual departure of RDJ. They may want to avoid having the whole team turnover at once.

2. Emily Bett Rickards

On the CW's Arrow she's a brainy computer genius as Felicity Smoke. Let her hair down and take off the glasses and she's just plain smokin'. Some may have noticed that some of the current Avengers are, well, let's say aging gracefully. It would make sense to go younger with new characters that could be introduced with the current group, but able to pick up the torch as some of them come closer to hanging theirs up. However, some may find Rickards' a bit too soft for the role.

1. Tracy Spiradakos

The up and coming star of Revolution has the toughness and the attitude down pat. While stunning to look at, Spiradakos has a swagger about her that makes her ideal to play a super hero. And as a television actress, she would be easy to introduce into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before she gets her powers, as Major Carol Danvers. Finally, her youth promises a long term investment in the character. The one drawback, at 5'6" some may feel she doesn't have the stature for the role. On the other hand, it hasn't held Tom Cruise back any.

So there it is, my wish list for Ms. Marvel. I really hope to see Carol Danvers in the next Avengers movie. Who would you like to see in the role?



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