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Jared Ficiur

I know this is already discussed, and forgive me if I'm repeating a theory someone else has already thrown out there, but we've seen several different pictures of Xavier walking in the past! Not just this Empire cover either, there's this one:

This image gives a lot more away than the cover of the magazine!

What does this mean? Obviously Wolverine has already been sent back in time, so we know this isn't a flashback to before Xavier was paralyzed.

Could it be that Wolverine went back in time to STOP Xavier from becoming paralyzed? If you were sending someone back in time to stop certain events from happening wouldn't that be on the top of your list?

In the trailer we see young Xavier in the wheelchair going into Cerebro with Wolverine, but here we see him clearly walking with not only Wolverine but also Magneto.

Does Wolverine bring back some kind of magic cure with him? Healing blood? In the TV show drama Heroes there was a character similar to Wolverine where she could heal at an impressive rate, and on more than one occasion a magical blood transfusion from her saved a life! This would be a different take than in the comics, but we all know that doesn't make a difference.

I feel like in the original trilogy the writers/producers or whoever didn't really know what to do with Xavier's character. In the first film he was incapacitated early on, the second film he was captured, and the third he was killed! Do they just not know what to do with our Professor on screen? Are they making him mobile again so that they don't run into the same problems?

Personally I hope not. Xavier is paralyzed and that should be that. His psychic abilities make him super powerful and in a way he doesn't need his legs for mobility because he has his mind.

What do you want?


Should Xavier be walking again, or keep him in the chair?


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