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James Chatman

I am so just outside of myself now about these new photos from the newest X-MEN coming to the big screen in May. DOFP is from a story-line that ran in the X-MEN comics and was a very popular book at that time and I am sure still now. It paved the way for other stories to come and made characters who they are today. At least in the comic books. Well that is where they came from right. I mean these are machinations that Bryan Singer and his pathetic writers have conjured up themselves? Right?

Well it sure seems like it with all the curves he has added and went with is this new one and the last 3 films and yes he did have a part to play in the most horrible of the first three movies: The Last Stand. I mean whatever to that one I just simply cannot fathom who was thinking when they decided to let Ratner direct that one but not only did director Singer have his production paws on it but look at what he did to Superman Returns. Again that is another story altogether.

I do not think he is actually using any book no matter what to reference these characters much less the stories he has just grasped out of thin air and yes I mean the dead space between his ears. There has to be a reason why he is being allowed so much input in these and not just a director but producer as well. I just saw these new photos from the film DOFP and what the HELL are they thinking. This little red haired girl who cannot possibly be Scarlet Witch I mean my God!, she is Quicksilver's (Pietro Maximoff) TWIN sister who also does not have red hair. its more of an Auburn but certainly not red color. And no matter what the story they believe is, it cannot be done this way.

Like I really have any say so in this but others like me should have something to do with this if only just to protect the integrity of the characters that are just being raped in my opinion in this and all other films. Some exceptions of course do exist but little ones and that is just the truth to me at least as I have been exposed to these comic books which thank God, Bryan Singer has nothing to do with. I mean look at the photos and tell me a major fan and admirer of X-MEN for years now, how it is okay with anyone that these liberties have been taken and obvious shortcuts as well have been used.

Quicksilver also has and has had white hair never this blue tinted mess of locks I have seen in these pictures and others promoting this film. Where is it that so much needs to be changed just because a director/producer of these so called films thinks so and also that it is being continued on yet another Bryan Singer Presents: The X-MEN? I am not pleased by what I have seen and nor will I be even in the finished product. I know what he did to my favorite character Rogue with her whining and weak persona that no too many others are enjoying about her.

I am here to make this point! This needs to end here and be corrected. This whole change of direction in this movie from the comic books is not a good one. I mean he is taking a major story no matter what people say about a fresh take on the whole Days Of Future Past story he is using the title coming from the books so what is the problem with making it more closely resembling the story from there.

Another character used in this new movie named Blink is just wrong. She was not in this story at all but started out at the beginning of the Age Of Apocalypse story and killed off. She is not Asian her name is Clarice Furguson that is IRISH. Also she was like a pink skinned mutant who could create portholes for warping time. So what now they are going to have her be a part of this time travel story that Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) was a major part of? I mean they have already given Logan her role as traveler.

I had to make it a point to clearly say what I think about this an article here and post it for so many others to see.

Tell me what you think in the comments please. I want to be sure that I am not the only person who has issue with these alterations which I now have renamed vomit and who are okay with making your opinions known.


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