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Cory Glover

So let me be real with you for a second, I love LEGO's. I grew up with this freaking huge tuperware container just filled to the brim with LEGOs when I was a kid, just building stuff up everywhere. I created every building I could think of, had whole life stories going for these little figurines. LEGO opened up a new universe for me. And now, they're doing it again.

This LEGO movie is gonna be epic. It brings me back to my childhood really. It makes that universe I created a tangible place with real characters and real emotions. It's got all the creativity that little kids have while building their cities packed into the set and it'll take us adults back to being that little kid again.

And the humor! Have you seen the trailer?! This is gonna be another smash hit like Wreck-It Ralph just because of the jokes. They're so witty and punny and bring in all the classic figurines we played with as a child and the jokes we would say then. Every time I watch this trailer I just bust out laughing.

And the cast. Let's face-it, it's all-star. Besides Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, etc., they brought in MORGAN FREEMAN!!!! HAVE YOU HEARD MORGAN FREEMAN'S VOICE?!?! It's the most amazing voice to have been spoken on this planet and he's speaking in this movie!!

Now, I've been ranting. I understand you might not agree with me, you actually probably don't, but all my opinions aside, this is The LEGO Movie. LEGO's are an icon, and you don't ruin the image of an icon, only enhance it. If LEGO didn't think this movie was gonna be good, then they wouldn't let it be made. They don't want to hurt their name. So, therefore, it's gonna be good. And I know I will be first in line on February 7th to see some LEGOs saving the world.


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