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It has been confirmed that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead earlier today in his New York apartment. Hoffman was set to reprise his role in the Hunger Games Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 as game-maker/rebellion leader Plutarch Heavensbee which was set to start filming a few weeks earlier. Now

the cast and crew of The Hunger Games Mockingjay face the need for a replacement actor to fill Hoffman's shoes as Heavensbee.

Hoffman was an Academy-Award winning actor who also starred in Mission: Impossible III, Capote, Moneyball and The Master.

As I said about finding a replacement for the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, I highly recommend a few options: Hugo Weaving, Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Sheen, James Franco, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. Though, a majority of these guys have already been in a book-based film series (Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings), I think that one of these guys would best fit the role.

RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman. You will be greatly missed.

So who do you think should replace Hoffman as Plutarch? Leave your comments below.


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