ByCharlie Stephens, writer at
Charlie Stephens

Seeing a movie entirely about Legos: Awesome. Seeing a movie entirely about Legos after 15 years of fanboy-ing: Priceless. Now, my hopes weren't high early on. After the disaster that was Clutch Powers, a direct-to-dvd film about a Lego figure who never played well with a team, I was preparing to hunker down and pretend for a little while that I wasn't really THAT into Lego, it was just a hobby, you know? But that all changed when I first saw the cast list, months back. Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, AND Will Ferrel? Sign. Me. Up. The excitement only grew as more cast members were revealed and eventually the trailer came out. Oh my g-o-s-h. It would be funny! It would have a plot! It would have the perfect mix of jokes for kids, jokes for adults, and jokes for the fans! It would be AWESOME.

Nearly everyone I know is psyched for this movie, and most of them aren't avid fans of the bricks! Needless to say, opening night, surrounded by fans and non-fans alike, seeing the first ever full-length, in-theaters movie based solely on Lego: It's gonna be AWESOME.


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