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Soldato WeathersbyTravis

I know that many are up in arms about Jesse being cast as Lex, but I have not seen a single well thought out reason as to why stock of haterade. Here are my thoughts.

Mr. E (hahahahahah get it?? Reference to another great villain) has proven that he is a brilliant actor especially when it comes to fast, witty and intelligent dialogue. As useful as that fact is, it is his main character in his roles and it is one that I do not think would make for a great Luthor. Maybe it would bring something new to life within the character, I personally have always seen Lex as a man of few words seeing as he is dealing with lesser life forms. Cold and calculated has always been a main stay in Lex until he is face to face with a being that is basically a God among men. I notice that one of the main things “fan-boys” are complaining about is the fact that he is too young to play Lex. This is something that happens a lot when you basically watch an actor grow up on screen. No matter how much time has passed since the first role that made them a star, they are always viewed as the young one. Let us keep in mind that Jesse is 30 years old, not a kid by any stretch of the imagination. Coincidentally the same age as Henry Cavill a.k.a Superman. Lastly, Luthor has always been a man trying to be a God, even working his body and strength to be a perfect specimen. This is where I wonder if Jesse will immerse him into that character or will he stick with his witty and genius intellect. I for one would like to see him transform his body to show the full circle of dominance Lex has always emitted. I am still on the fence on if he will be an excellent Lex Luthor or not. I remind myself not to fully pass judgment too quickly because if you remember right, there were thousands upon thousands of signatures and letters to drop M. Keaton from the Batman role before the first movie even came out. Now he is a fan favorite. So I open the floor.

What do you think?


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