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Sergio Andres Prieto

Let's face it, last Sunday's Super Bowl was pretty much decided when the Seahawks managed to return a Broncos kickoff for a touchdown at the beginning of the second half. The score after that incredible play was 29-0 Seahawks, which was insurmountable for the Broncos when facing the number one defensive team in the NFL. So where did some, if not most, of the excitement come from? The commercials! And in my opinion, Budweiser won that battle.

Budweiser sure knows how to bring a tear to your eye. The commercials it created were so emotionally powerful that anyone who was filled with adrenaline thanks to the game had no choice but to sit back and relax after watching the following two commercials:

"Puppy Love"

"A Hero's Welcome"

One word is sufficient enough to describe Budweiser's commercials - beautiful!


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