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David Rodemerk

Manic Movie Monday starts with a viewing of Labor Day starring Kate Winslett and Josh Brolin.

It’s a simple romance or drama movie that recently came out in theaters last weekend. It was a new movie release before the Super Bowl. I highly doubt any man would go see this on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, not any guy I know that loves football. I tell ya, there was this one guy in the back the of the theater that thought Labor Day was a comedy. You those people. I call them THE CHORTLERS. The ones who laugh at parts of the film that really aren’t meant to be funny. Yet, they blurt out some weird laugh. A chortle. I’ll give you an example. Don’t worry, this is not a Labor Day spoiler. If you plan on seeing it by yourself or with someone else, I’m not ruining anything. In one scene, the boy in the movie is just walking along the street. A cop car pulls up next to him. The police officer asks the boy how he is doing. This is when THE CHORTLER decides to let loose his belly laugh. Yes, he did this many other times during the film. But this is the one I remember. Was this a comedic scene? Did I misread the synopsis of the movie? Maybe someone told him a joke at those specific times. I dunno. But I wanted him stricken from the room. Why do these people do this? I know I’ve read studies about people coughing or signing in churches because of the solitude makes them uncomfortable. But I’ve never heard anyone start gafawing when a priest did the sign of the cross. Maybe these CHORTLERS have some deep-seeded memory that kicks in when they see a certain scene. I guess it conjures up that memory, and we all have to participate in a weird way. Either way, Labor Day is not a comedy. Of course it has some funny scenes. But I never laugh at a kid walking down the street. You are interested in seeing Labor Day or have recently watched it, go ahead and rate what you think!


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