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Movies these days are transitioning from books and ideas to games. So far there are a few movies based on games that have been announced, Sly Cooper, Assassins Creed, Need for Speed, and so on. But i feel as if there is one game in particular that needs some sort of back story. Minecraft.

No one really knows its story, besides the fact that there's only one human Steve, and loads of mobs, Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Ghast, Witch, Zombie Pigmen, Wither, EnderDragon, Giant, Spider, Cave Spider, Silverfish, Spider Jockey, Wolf, Endermen, Blaze, Magma Cube, Slime, and the Wither Skeleton. The need for an Origin has caused people to create their own theories on what happened to that World. I think that a movie would help explain the origin of the game. My idea follows:

A world with growing cities, metropolis' here and there. Peace everywhere and not one sign of disease, Earth's Golden Age. The government has started experimenting with a new way of life. Magic has come to existence years before but has been hidden from the public. Scientists have started to see if it could be used to give eternal life. They were right in a way it resurrected the dead.Just not what they hoped for. Therefore the Zombie came into play. And later on they plagued massive war across the world.

Within days cities were destroyed, continents were devoured by its plague, whole generations lost. The governments decided to create a form of fighter. Because animals were immune to the virus they decided to use pigs for they numbered in the millions. They genetically combined them to the corpses of the dead zombies and so the Zombie Pigman was born.

Under Russian control they were to deploy them across the world and hope that they would take care of the beasts. The plan backfired and caused the Pigmen to enslave the zombie race. After the Russians found out they decided to lie to the rest and say that it was working. Due to being frightened of what was happening they made one last hope. At first it was to be a rat hybrid immune to everything but unstable in a way when excited in any way it would create a blast as strong as a nuke. They tested it out on the lost continent of Australia(ground 0). It worked but because of the hybrid numbers it caused the tectonic plates to shift massive earthquakes cause the land to take new shape. So they tried again something less powerful. The Creeper was born and was mass produced.

The plan was a massive failure. The Pigmen managed to capture the creatures and force them to work in the mines for they loved gold. What was left of America (South and North) came together and devised plans for portals that would teleport the survivors into a safe habitat/environment until the plague was taken care of. Fortunately it worked 3 realms all named after what they looked like. Heaven (Aether) Hell (Nether) and Darkness (The End). Of course being from 'murica, they decided Aether. Not notifying the other governments they evacuated into the realm and broke the portal from the inside. No one or thing could go through anymore. Asia was doing quite well holding their line. But not for long. They started to create weapons made of gelatin. The slime.

The sent them through a portal design left behind from America. The portal was the Nether. They thought that by sending them in they could teraform the realm into new land. The slime adapted to the environment and caused them to live among the lava. The Magma Cube was born. Eventually the teraforming took longer than expected and so they died out. Europeans took advantage and went in to take supplies. The too were building a portal, they discovered the End and well entered. The shift in gravity and air left them to have to adapt. And so they did. Back to the Russians/Germans they had died out due to lack of food and growth of the virus. Within years the world had crumbled and what was left of the human race were scattered across the globe....cube.

After thousands of years the humans that survived had started from scratch. History repeating itself. They adapted and became a race of peace once again. They grew with knowledge forcing their heads to expand and are now the wisest of all.

And then just 2 minutes before the credits, A man that fell through a crack in time, falls into a pit and crawls out. Villagers surround him and at last, he says: Where am I?

Yes i know a bit too much and i didn't explain the rest of the mobs but it's just my idea plot for a movie version of the game


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